Home made food

from the scratch

The White Eagle kitchen and bar is created for customers who value both home-made meals, Polish food and a good atmosphere! Seven days a week, dishes served by us are a specialty of Polish cuisine and are prepared according to traditional Old Polish recipes. In our restaurant, we recommend both main and bar meals. In particular, we recommend pierogies of various kinds, which are very popular.

White Eagle is also a well-stocked bar with Polish alcohol and more! In the bar, we especially recommend flavored vodkas, Polish beer as well as drinks and cocktails. The restaurant has over 50 seats, there is also free wireless Internet.

White Eagle is a perfect place for lovers of Polish cuisine, it is an ideal place for meeting friends, for a family dinner or just a delicious meal after work.

To meet the expectations and needs of our clients, we also prepare delicious meals for birthdays and other celebrations, we serve meat, salad, pierogi and potato troughs.


Patery cold meats and cheese cold plates and delicious pizza straight from the oven, we choose individual menu for special events.

We serve dishes on the spot and delivery home. For more information just call, visit us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

29a The Hill

DA119EX Northfleet /Gravesend

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